THS Traffic – Drop/off and Pick/up

Tuscarora High School values our students’ safety as they arrive and depart from school each day. To keep our pedestrians, car riders, and bus riders safe, it is important that all community members follow the directions on the attached map for walking and driving in our parking lots. This includes for drop/off AND pick/up.

Thank you for taking the time to look overthe map and working with THS to keep all of our students safe.MapTraffic


*Stopping along Ballenger Creek Pike is illegal. This road does not support parked cars along the front of the school as there is no full shoulder. Cars parked along there are in the right-hand lane, parked illegally, and risk causing accidents.

*Students should not be dropped off across the street. Often, these students run across four lanes of fast traffic to get inside before the bell.  This is highly dangerous, especially with new student drivers and anxious commuters.

*Students should not be dropped off in the parking lot. This puts students at risk while walking in the parking lot. We have a lot of new drivers and we want to make sure all students are safe.

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