Parking Lot Protocol

The school is still experiencing problems and dangerous situations during drop-off/pick-up times before and after school.  Please be mindful of the road changes to Ballenger Creek Pike, as this road no longer supports parked cars along the front of the school.  Unlike last year, there is no full shoulder; cars parked along there are in the right-hand lane, parked illegally, and risk causing accidents.

The school is also still seeing students dropped off across the street. These students then run across four lanes of fast traffic to get inside before the bell.  This is highly dangerous, especially with new student drivers and anxious commuters.

Finally, while a minority, there are parents who do not follow the traffic patterns in and around the parking lot, putting students at risk while walking through the parking lot.  We are assisting the school in urging everyone to follow the proper traffic guidelines and laws.  We don’t ever want to be in the position where someone is hit trying to get to class.  Thank you for your careful consideration!

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